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Global Settings

You can change the main settings here. The changes will affect only the current post slider.

Dimensions. Here you should provide maximum dimensions of the slider. Depending on used device the dimensions might be lowered to keep responsiveness.
Full width. Post slider can be stretched for full width view. The height of the image will be based upon original image ratio, e.g. if original dimensions are 600x400 and page width is 900, the height will be 600. Alternatively you can set your own ratio.
Background fit. Image can be inserted using one of available three background fit options. The options are dependant of image and background dimensions.

  • Cover. Images gets cut and rescaled (enlarged) to fit the entire background.
  • Fill. Image gets stretched/compressed to slider dimensions.
  • Contain. Images keeps its dimensions using background to fill slider.

Align. With this option you can align your slider to either left, right or to the center. If your theme content area width is small i.e. if you have a column on left or right side of your webpage you may not be able to see this option at work. Also if the dimension is set to 800x300px, which is the maximum size for use with responsiveness feature, you will not see any difference while trying to align your slide to any direction.
Effect. This will be the transition effect for slide change Note: This effect is independent from layer effects.
Effect duration. Time transition effect using ms.
Time Interval. Set the time interval between slides.
Parallax effect. Parallax effect will move layers when mouse hovered creating 3D effect.
Autoplay. Activating the option you will turn on autoplay.
Shuffle. Activating the option you will remove selected original sequence and have post slides appear in random order.
Start with slide. Using the option you can select the slide, which will be first displayed. You can use 0 for randomizing the option. Default is set to first slide.
Music. Activate to enable music/audio track playback for slider.
Music URL. Provide the full link to the audio track, which will be used with the slider, e.g. http://www.example.com
Smart Load. Smart load will load first few images and will process the rest meanwhile. This will save timing on load and make the slider appear faster.
Background color. If you use views which require background set a color and transparency level for the background.
Border. Set slider border and add its parameters.
Border radius. Using CSS type values add radius to slider border.
Margin. Set a margin for the slider in pixels.
Shadow. Set a slider shadow using CSS type values.
Right click protection. Disable right click for image download protection.
Layer out on next. Choose whether to have the layer effect out regardless of the timing between the hit to the next slider or skip the effect out and get to the next image.
Text Layer Character Limit. Limit the number of characters which will appear as text layer based on post content.
Add font family. If you want to add additional font families for textual elements of the slider use this field.
Published. Choose whether to publish the mentioned slider or not.

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