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Inserting Post Slider

Inserting post slider into a Page or a Post:
You can insert post sliders into pages or posts. Open the post/page. Here you will see “Insert Slider” button with a Slider icon. Press the button, Select the slider and press Insert.
In addition, you can insert the shortcode manually. The corresponding shortcode is displayed next to the created slider in Post Slider WD>Sliders section under Shortcode column.

Adding post slider to theme using PHP function:
This feature is commonly used while displaying slider within header/footer position. The function can be found at Post Slider WD>Sliders section within PHP function column.

Adding post slider as a widget:
Go to Appearance>Widgets>Post Slider. Select a position for post slider widget and press Save button. Provide a title for the slider and choose post slider using drop-down list.

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