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Creating Dynamic Posts Slider

Dynamic Post slider is designed to display posts which fulfill requirements set by filters. The slider posts will be updated when new posts corresponding to filters are added to your site, e.g. if you choose to display posts corresponding to Latest Posts category, newly added posts will be displayed within the post slider.

The list of filters is the following:

Period of posts to display. Set the time for the posts, e.g. if set it to 24 hours it will display the posts added within the last 24 hours.
Number of posts. Set the number of posts which will be displayed as slides. If set to 0 or left empty it will display all posts.
Choose post type. Select the type for the dynamic posts, e.g. native or custom post types.
Author. Select the author whose posts will be displayed within the slider.
Sort posts by. Select the option which will be used as a sorting basis while displaying posts.
Order posts by. Set the ordering sequence for the posts- ascending or descending.
Post taxonomies. Here all available taxonomies will be displayed relevant for that specific type of posts. You can use drop-downs to narrow the selection.

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