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WordPress Post Slider WD

Step by step guide

HotSpot Layer

Hotspot layer will allow displaying a hotspot icon over the slide and displaying content when hovered over this icon.

Text. Provide a text which will be displayed as hotspot pop-up.
Dimensions. Provide dimensions for hotspot pop-up window.
Position. Either drag and drop the layer over the slide or use x and y axis values for positioning it.
Link. Fill in link to which user will be redirected upon hitting the layer, e.g. http://www.example.com.
Hotspot text position. Select a positioning for hotspot pop-up text.
Hotspot Width. Define the width for the hotspot icon.
Hotspot Background Color. Set a background color for hotspot icon.
Hotspot Border. Using CSS values set a border for hotspot.
Hotspot Radius. Using CSS values set radius for hotspot.
Published. Choose whether to publish the layer or not.
Effect in. Select the effect which will be used when layer appears over the slide.
Effect out. Select the effect which will be used when layer disappears from the slide.
Padding. Using CSS values set padding for text within the layer.
Size. Define font size for hotspot pop-up text.
Color. Select font color for hotspot pop-up text.
Font family. Set font family for text layer. This option can be enhanced if you add font family in Settings>General Options.
Font weight. If you want to add additional styling to your text, e.g. make it bold, use this option.
Background Color.
Transparent. Set transparency level for the image between 0 and 100, where 100 corresponds to full transparency.
Border. Using CSS values set a border for overall hotspot layer.
Radius. Using CSS values set radius for overall hotspot layer.
Shadow. Using CSS values set shadow for overall hotspot layer.

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