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Moving your WordPress website galleries to a new domain or simply recreating your photo galleries has never been easier. Export/Import add-on of Photo Gallery plugin allows you to export all gallery data and import it to a new site. Make your life easier with the Export/Import add-on.

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General Description
Do you have amazing galleries on one site and want to display some of them on another site? Are you moving your website and do not want to recreate your galleries? Photo Gallery Export/Import add-on is a tool you are looking for. Using the add-on you can export/import galleries, albums and all related data from one WordPress site to another.

Photo Gallery Export/Import is designed not only for transferring images, but related data such as photo tags and standard image comments. You can export/import both selected or all galleries and albums.

To preserve the modified appearance, the add-on also allows exporting/importing Options and Themes. The imported Photo Gallery Options and Themes can be further changed and modified upon necessity.

For larger galleries/albums there is an option of exporting only image URLs instead of actual images. Note that only after importing the exported zip file a new site you can remove the images from original site.

PG Export/Import add-on should be installed as a standard plugin. Go to Plugins>Add New>Upload. Select the add-on and press Upload. Then activate the add-on from Plugin toolbar.

Note: Please make sure that Photo Gallery Export/Import add-on is installed and activated both on the site from which you are exporting your galleries and the site where you are moving your galleries to.

Exporting Options
Go to PG Export/Import>Export.

Galleries. Select the gallery(ies) to export using the checkbox next to the gallery title.
Albums. Select the album(s) to export using the checkbox next to the album title.
Export Themes. Choose whether to export the themes created for galleries/album or not. You can further add more themes, modify the existing themes or remove them.
Export Options. Choose whether to export the options created for galleries/album or not. These options can be modified further .
Export Images using URL. This option should be used in cases when you have large amount of images for galleries and albums. Using this method you will export not the image itself, but the image URL. Please note that you should not delete any images from original site in advance to importing and re-creating galleries on your second site.

Importing Options
Go to Photo Gallery Export>Import. Press on “Choose File” and select exported zip file that should be imported.



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