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The fourth layout for displaying MailChimp forms is Scrollbox. It adds a form box which is triggered and opened upon scrolling the page. It can be placed on the left or right side of the content with Position option. As the case of Popup type, you can set Loading Delay for the form to appear a few moments later after page loading is finished.

The form with Scrollbox display type can appear at a certain point of the page. Using Trigger Point setting you can define the percentage of the page height, and the MailChimp form will appear after the user scrolls down to that point.

You can let users minimize the form scrollbox or close it by activating Allow Closing the bar and Allow Minimize options. With Minimize Text you can have a custom placeholder text for the form block after visitor minimizes it.

If you want the form to be hidden after users scroll back to top, enable Auto Hide option.

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