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WordPress MailChimp WD

Step by step guide

Display Options and Publishing

WordPress MailChimp WD plugin provides four types of display options, which you can use to publish your MailChimp forms on your WordPress site:

  • Embedded
  • Popup
  • Topbar
  • Scrollbox

Open your form, click on Display Options button from the top of your form to go to these settings. Embedded type lets you place your form on individual pages or posts.

Whereas Popup, Topbar and Scrollbox can be published on general website view at once. These three views have the following settings for publishing:

Display on. Allows choosing the post types, where the popup, topbar or scrollbox forms are going to display. For example, you can select Homepage, and they will be appearing on your website homepage only.

Display on these categories. If Categories option is selected from Display on, you can use this setting to choose the category pages, where you need the subscription form to appear.

Display on these posts / Display on these pages. You can select specific posts and pages, where your MailChimp popup, topbar or scrollbox should be displayed. Simply click on these inputs and select necessary posts and pages.

Always show for administrator. Enabling this setting will let website admins to always see the subscription form, regardless of being subscribed to the list. This will come handy in case you are still testing your MailChimp form.

Frequency. This indicates the period, after which your form will appear again for visitors, who have closed it or already subscribed to your MailChimp list. In case you wish to have the popup appearing always, have the value set to 0.

Also you can set the form not to display on phones and tablets using Hide on Mobile option.

Now let’s go through each view setting separately.

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