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Step by step guide

Email to Administrator

Email to send submissions to option lets you set the email address(es), which will be used to forward the submitted information. Provide one address at a time and click on the plus (+) button next to the input.

Email From is the email address, from which you will receive the email with submissions as an administrator. You can choose the email field of your MailChimp list and receive submitted data from user’s email address. The MailChimp WordPress plugin also lets you use the value of email field from Custom Fields. And as the third alternative, you can provide a static email address with Other option.

From Name option indicates the name of the submission sender in the email to administrator. As the case of the same setting in Email to User section, you can either write a static text, or select a value of a MailChimp list field by clicking on buttons with their labels. It can also be set to show a value of a custom field of your form, click the plus (+) button to view them.

Reply to (if different from "Email From") sets the submitter email address, to which you, as an administrator, are going to send the response to.

As in Email to User section, Email to Administrator settings also have CC and BCC options, which allow you to forward emails with submitted information to additional email addresses. If you use CC option, the receiver will be able to display email addresses of other recipients, whereas in case of BCC they will be hidden.

Subject identifies the subject line for the message to administrator email address(es). You can select values of list fields or custom fields, and also set static subject here as well.

Mode option lets you choose the layout of the administrator email with submissions between Text and HTML.

Attach File will let you choose whether or not you want to forward the files uploaded by user to administrator email address(es).

If disabled, Email empty fields will hide the fields, which haven’t been filled out by users, in the email with submitted information.

Custom Text in Email For Administrator is the editor for the content of submission messages. It is fully customizable. You can add images, text, and generally, basic HTML tags such as ‹h1› through ‹h6›, ‹p›, ‹span›, etc. Moreover, the editor lets you include list field or custom field values of your form. Click on the buttons above to add their indicators to custom email content.

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