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WordPress MailChimp WD

Step by step guide

MailChimp Options

These settings let you choose the action of your form, Subscribe or Unsubscribe. Also you can select the layout of form submission with Email Type setting. It can be HTML, which is a table the submitted information, and Text.

In case Subscribe is set as the form action, the following options can be used for advanced configuration:

  • Double Opt-in. Requires confirmation from user in advance to being added to a list.
  • Update existing subscribers. If this setting is enabled, previously submitted user data for existing subscribers will update (rewrite), instead of showing "already subscribed" message.
  • Replace interest groups. Enable this to update (rewrite) interest groups of existing subscribers instead of expanding the current group list. This option is used only when updating a subscriber.

As for Unsubscribe, here are the advanced settings:

  • Delete Subscriber. If you want to delete the subscriber instead of unsubscribing from your MailChimp list, enable this option.
  • Send Unsubscribe. Sends an "Unsubscribe Email" to users, confirming that they have been unsubscribed or deleted from the list.
  • Send Notification. Turn this option on, if you want to send the unsubscribe notification email to the address defined in the list email notification settings.

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