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WordPress MailChimp WD

Step by step guide

Conditional Fields

If you need to display or hide some of your form fields based on certain selections made by the submitter, you can use Conditional Fields of MailChimp WD plugin. Click Add Condition to start the setup.

Show/Hide option sets the action of this condition, and with second select box you can choose the field to which that action will refer to. You can configure the condition to occur if all or any of the selections match. Click the plus (+) sign to add the statement of the condition.

For instance, you have Contact Method field, which the submitter uses to select preferred way of communication. If you need to show Email field if Contact Method is set to Email, this is how you should set the condition formula:

[Show] [Email field] if [all] of the following match:
[Contact Method] is [Email]

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