Publishing Instagram Feed

Using WordPress Instagram feed plugin, you can publish your feeds with the following 3 different methods:

  • on a WordPress page or post,
  • as a widget,
  • on a custom template with a PHP function.

A quick guide for this is provided with How To Publish Feed tab above your Instagram feed. Let’s go through the necessary steps of each publishing method, and help you choose the one that fits your site the best.

Publishing the Feed on Pages or Posts

To publish Instagram feeds with this method, add or edit the page or post from WordPress administrative dashboard of your website. Click on Add Instagram Feed button from the top of the post editor. Afterwards, select the feed you wish to publish and press Insert.

The shortcode of Instagram Feed WD plugin will be added to the content of your page/post.

Instagram feed on pages or posts

Alternatively, you can copy the shortcode from Instagram Feed WD > Feeds dashboard, under Shortcode column, and paste it into the content of your WordPress page/post.

Publishing Instagram Feed as a Widget

Navigate to Appearance > Widgets page from WordPress administrative dashboard to begin configuring your Instagram feed widget. Firstly, search for Instagram Feed WD Widget and drag it to the widget area, where you wish to display your feed.

Provide a Title for your Instagram Feed, then choose the feed to publish using Feed drop-down box. Make sure to specify Number of Columns, as well as Number of images to show on your Instagram feed.

Also, you can activate the following attributes and display them with your feed:

  • post descriptions,
  • likes and comments,
  • Load More button.

Instagram feed widget

Publishing with PHP function

It is also possible to publish Instagram feeds on custom PHP templates using their PHP functions. To do this, simply copy the PHP function of your feed from Instagram Feed WD > Feeds page, then paste it to the necessary section of your custom template.

Publishing with PHP function