Introducing Instagram Feed Plugin

WordPress Instagram Feed is a user-friendly plugin with enhanced functionality, which lets you create and showcase Instagram feeds on your WordPress website. You can build multiple feeds with the media of your Instagram account or hashtag by completing just a few simple steps.

You will need a couple of minutes to incorporate Instagram API to your website. The plugin will automatically create a feed from your Instagram profile. Additionally, you can build Instagram feeds and show posts of any public accounts, as well as hashtags.

Customize the features of the feeds by configuring advanced settings of Instagram Feed WD plugin. Its user-friendly tools and features allow you fully personalize your feeds, set up conditional filters for feed usernames and hashtags, modify image lightbox settings and more.

Control the appearance and layout of your Instagram feed using 4 outstanding layout types and theme options of Instagram Feed WD plugin. You can publish the feeds with one of the following layouts:

  • Thumbnails,
  • Masonry,
  • Blog Style,
  • Image Browser.

Furthermore, the themes of Instagram Feed WD plugin let you modify each and every attribute of the feeds.

With Instagram Feed WD plugin, you can showcase photos and videos, share wonderful food and travel blogs of Instagram with your website visitors. The plugin is designed with mobile-friendly layout, letting you provide great user experience on any screen size or device.

Instagram Feed WD