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Step by step guide

Lightbox Settings

Note: Lightbox shows only already loaded images.

Full width lightbox. Check to enable full width button.
Lightbox Width. Set the lightbox width. Note that it will be used for the entire display, thus when you press to view the comment image will be resized to fit this width.
Lightbox Height. Set the lightbox height.
Lightbox Effect. Select a lightbox slide transition effect. Each lightbox can use only one effect. Or choose random to display random effect for every transition.
Lightbox autoplay. Choose whether use slideshow autoplay or not. If you decide not to use, you can instead set up control buttons.
Time Interval. Define the time interval between each slide when autoplay is turned on.
Enable filmstrip in lightbox. Choose whether to enable filmstrip within the lightbox or not. Filmstrip alignment and styling can be edited in Themes section.

Filmstrip size. Define the filmstrip height/width (depending whether you have horizontal or vertical view, the stated dimension will be applied to one property only).
Show Next / Previous Buttons. Choose whether to display Next/Previous buttons for the slideshow or not.

Display info by default. Choose whether to display image/video caption and author profile by default or not.
Full width info. Enable the option to display image/video information within entire width of the lightbox otherwise it will be displayed based on the image container width.
Enable Loop. When loop is enabled the user the slideshow will continue to the first image/video when pressing Next button.
Enable Right Click Protection. When enabled user will not be able to Save images or videos using Right-click and pressing Save as button.
Enable control buttons. Enable to display Play,Full Width, Comments and other buttons within lightbox.
Enable info button. Enable to allow the user to read image metadata (caption and hashtags) when clicking on the button.
Enable fullscreen. Enable button to display images in fullscreen mode.

Enable comments. Enable a button to show or hide comments. Load more
Enable Original Image Display Button. Shows a link to the original instagram post opened in the new window.
Enable Download Button. Enable direct image/video download from lightbox.
Enable Share Buttons. Enable social sharing buttons (Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest).

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