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Blog Style Layout

Blog style layout is perfect options if you want to post in instagram and repost the content to WordPress website as a photo blog. The images get displayed with larger dimension with their captions, descriptions and hashtags below.
Feed Name. Provide a title for the feed. It will be useful to provide unique title since you will need it when inserting the feed within a page or post.
Theme. Select one of the existing themes for the feed. All theme styling parameters will be applied.
Feed Usernames and Hashtags. Provide all usernames and hashtags you want to use within the feed. All all them using add button. Usernames should be provided within the following format: “webdorado”, whereas for hashtags you need to use the following format: #webdorado.
Featured Image. One of the user avatars can be used as a featured image, select the relevant user in case you have more than one image. If you use hashtag feeds, you can set hashtag image as featured image.

Feed Display Type. Select the pagination style.
  • Pagination. Uses standard pagination with the styles set in corresponding theme.
  • Load More. Loads specified number of images with Load More button. You can specify the number of images for further loads.
  • Infinite Scroll. Uses Instagram standard. Images gets loaded as you scroll.
Sort Images By. Choosing sorting option for the feed.
  • Date- based on the date when images are uploaded to Instagram
  • Likes- number of likes
  • Comments- number of comments
  • Random- randomizes displayed images.

Order By. Choose between ascending and descending options.
Follow on Instagram Button. Choose whether to display follow button next to usernames or not.

Display Header. Displays featured image and feed title.
Number of Photos to Display. Define the number of images which will be displayed before using loading/pagination options.
Number of Photos to Load. Define the number of images which will be displayed with each load/page.
Resort After Loading New Images (Load More and Infinite Scroll only). If this option is disabled, only newly loaded images will be sorted according to the value of Sort Images By field. If enabled, both newly loaded and already shown images will be resorted together.
Show Likes. Choose whether to display the number of likes or not.
Show Description. Check to display image descriptions.
Show Comments. Check to display image comments.
Show User info. Check to display a block with user information (username, profile image, etc.).
Display User Bio. Check to display account-related bio.
Display User Posts and Followers count. Check to display the number of posts and follower for each used Instagram account.
Image Onclick. Select the action type when hitting the image. It can be redirected to Instagram or opened with a lightbox.

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