Creating Instagram Feed

To begin creating your first feed, navigate to Feeds page of Instagram Feed plugin. This page contains a list of all your feeds created with the plugin. You will see the feed of your Instagram profile appearing on this list.

Instagram feeds

Press Add New button to start building your feed. Firstly, make sure to set a Feed Title for your feed. Then, let’s configure the mandatory settings which are necessary for displaying the feed. Click on Media bar to expand these options.

Configuring Feed Media

Use Feed Media drop-down box to choose the content of your Instagram feed. You can display feeds containing images and videos of your Instagram account, as well as your posts with specified hashtags.

You will simply need to fill in Feed Usernames and Hashtags input box. Write the usernames without the @ sign, however for hashtags, you do need to add # at the beginning.

Make sure to specify one username or hashtag at a time, and press Add button each time.

Feed Usernames and Hashtags

You can customize the sorting of the media on your feed using the following settings:

  • Sort Media By allows you to choose the parameter, based on which the photos and videos on your Instagram feed will be ordered. You can select one of the following:
    • Date,
    • Likes,
    • Comments,
    • Random.
  • Sorting Order option lets you specify the direction of ordering the Instagram media on your feed. It can have one of the following two values:
    • Ascending,
    • Descending.

Media section of feed settings also allows you to change the action which takes place after users click on an image. With Action OnClick option, Instagram Feed WD plugin provides 4 functions for this:

  • Open Lightbox. Clicking on a post will open a popup box with the large version of the image or video, letting you navigate through the rest of your feed media.
  • Redirect To Instagram. This option will redirect users to the same post on Instagram when they click on an item in the feed.
  • Custom Redirect. Select this option and specify a link in Redirect URL input box. Users will be taken to this page after clicking on a post in the feed.
  • Do Nothing. Clicking on posts of the feed will not trigger any functions.