Advanced Options of Instagram Feed

Advanced Options of Instagram Feed WD plugin allow you to modify a few global parameters, that apply to all feeds. Go to Instagram Feed WD > Settings page and click on Advanced Options bar to expand this toolbox.

With Minimal role to add and manage Feeds or Themes option, you can select the WordPress user role which will have access to Instagram Feed WD plugin. The user roles of higher levels will also be able to modify and manage the feeds.

Custom CSS lets you write your own CSS code for your Instagram feeds. This is handy, in case you need to make specific changes regarding the styling of your feed. Whereas with Custom Javascript you are able to apply additional scripts.

Instagram Feed WD Advanced Settings

For instance, let’s consider you have a feed with Thumbnails Layout, and besides displaying the feed, you wish to expand captions for some posts. You can achieve this the following way.

Firstly, you need to assign custom wdi_feed_loaded event of the plugin to the container of the Instagram feed, then set callback function for this event.

Here is an example of a script, which expands captions of posts with 0, 1, 2, 3 indexes:


Make sure to Save Changes after you finish modifying Advanced Options.

Uninstalling Instagram Feed WD Plugin

In case you wish to completely remove Instagram Feed WD plugin, you can Uninstall it using Instagram Feed WD > Uninstall menu item. However, it is important to note, that uninstalling the plugin will delete all feeds, reset all options to their defaults, and remove other data on the plugin.

Please make sure you don’t have any important information before you proceed.