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In case the images are used in other plugins, problems may occur after converting them, if these plugins use the absolute URLs of the images. There will be no issues in case they use the media IDs of the pictures.

Enable conversion
Turn on this setting in case you wish to convert the format of your website images, to make the site faster.

JPG to PNG conversion
PNG uses lossless compression. It is recommended to use for logos, and other pictures with transparent backgrounds. This option removes image metadata and increases CPU usage.

JPG to WebP conversion
WebP lets you have 25-34% smaller images and speed up your website. JPG to WebP conversion is lossy, but it will not affect the image quality significantly.

PNG to JPG conversion
JPG format is recommended to use for photographs and similar high-resolution images. Since it uses lossy compression, some of the image data is lost when the image is compressed.

PNG to WebP conversion
PNG to WebP conversion is lossless. WebP images are 26% smaller in size, than their PNGs. This lets you make your website faster.

GIF to PNG conversion
PNG uses lossless compression. It is recommended for logos and pictures with transparent backgrounds. Note, that animated GIFs cannot be converted.

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