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Google Maps WD General Settings

In this section you will learn how to edit the general settings of the WordPress Google Maps plugin.

Map type. Choose map type:
  • Roadmap displays 2D road map. This is default map type.
  • Satellite displays Google Earth satellite images.
  • Hybrid displays mixture of roadmap and satellite views- photographic map with roads and city name indication.
  • Terrain displays a physical map based on terrain information (geographic/physical map with mountains, rivers and other relevant terrain information).

Width. You can set the width of the map in percentage of the content area or fixed pixels.
Height. Height of the map should be provided in pixels.
Center address + latitude+longitude. Center address of the map can be determined automatically based on your current location either you can fill it with autocomplete feature.
Or you can right click on the map and set a center address.
Zoom Level+Maximum/Minimum Zoom. Google Maps has an integer 'zoom level' which is the resolution of the current view. Zoom levels are between 0 (the entire world can be seen on one map) and 21+. You can also set the minimum and maximum values for the zoom parameter.
Wheel Scrolling. Choose whether to allow zooming using mouse scroll or not.
Map Draggable. Choose whether to allow dragging map using mouse or not.
Markers Draggable. Choose whether to allow dragging markers over the map or not.
Information Window Open. Display marker information hovering or clicking on it.
Geolocate User. The user will see a pop-up asking for geolocation permission.
Visitor location will automatically used as a center address.
Alignment. If the width of the map is set in percentage you can choose to display it to the left/center/right in relation to the content area.

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