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Adding Polygon to WordPress Google Map

In this section you will learn how to add polygons to your WordPress Google Map

Polygon is a multi-edge overlay. When creating a polygon you can define the colors, widths and opacity values for the edges of the rectangle (line) and its covered area (fill). The shape gets created based on vertexes..In case you want to change one of the edges of the shape, you can click on the marker, the vertex will be removed and you can create a new one. In addition overall created shape and its markers is draggable and you can move them within the map to change the shape or its location.

Title. You can provide a title for the polygon overlay. The title will be included in Information window of the shape.
Link. You can link polygon overlay to any URL, so that when site visitor hits the shape they will be redirected to mentioned URL. The link will be opened in a new window.
Data. Here you can either provide the longitude and latitude values for all included edges or use the markers to create the shape.
Show markers. Choose whether to display the marker, which are at the edges of the polygon overlay or not.
Enable Info Window. In some cases (e.g. you don’t want to display markers or you want the user to learn more about the location using URL redirection only) you can disable Information window here.
Line+Fill Color and styles. Choose the color and widths for the overlay covered area (fill) and its edge (line) by default and when hovered.
Published. Choose whether to publish the polygon overlay or leave it for the further publishing.

When all settings are set up, press Add Polygon button.

The created polygon overlay will appear below the map within Polygons tab: here you will have the option to filter, duplicate, edit and delete polygons.

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