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Adding Map Attributes to WordPress Google Map

In this section you will be able to add map attributes and preview them on the WordPress Google Map.

Next to title you will see a set of buttons which apply to the current map:

Save allows saving the map. It closes the current map and returns the user to the list of all created maps.
Apply button saves the map, but doesn’t close the map, so that you can continue making changes afterwards.
Save as Copy is handy when you are making changes with already existing map, but want to save the finalized changes as a brand new map.
Export button is designed for exporting all created map attributes (markers, circles, rectangles, polygons and polylines) for future importing into another map.
Import button is designed for importing created attributes (markers, circles, rectangles, polygons and polylines) of another map to current one.
Cancel button allows cancelling changes made to map.

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