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Creating Marker Categories

In this section you will learn how to create and add marker categories to your WordPress Google Map.

To create a marker category navigate to Google Maps WD> Marker Category.

Title. Provide a title for the marker category.
Select Parent Category. Here you can leave to root to create a first-level category or choose one of existing(already added) categories to be used as a parent for the category.
Category Icon. You can upload a custom image to accompany the marker category. It will accompany the marker category with marker filtering and marker listing options.
Published. Choose whether to publish the marker category or leave it for further publishing.

When done with changes press Save (will save and get to the list of created markers), Apply (will save and keep you on the marker page), Save as Copy (if you want to make changes to the marker category but not overwrite the existing marker category) or Cancel (to stop the process of creating a new marker).

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