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WordPress Google Analytics WD

Step by step guide

Use your own project

As an advanced functionality, you can provide Client ID key to use your own Google Analytics project. This lets Google Analytics WD plugin to send requests to your personal Google Oauth client to access Google Analytics API. You might need to use your own Oauth client in case of having to make a large number of requests to Google Analytics.

Mark Use your own project option as checked, this will activate Client ID and Client Secret settings of the plugin.

Visit console.developers.google.com to create your Google Analytics client ID. Navigate to Credentials, where you will see the following settings window:

Click Create Credentials button and select OAuth client ID from its dropdown list. Select Other option, write a title for your client ID and click Create as shown in the image below:

A popup will appear with new credentials:

Copy the client ID and client secret to corresponding options of Google Analytics WD plugin, then click Save.

Afterwards go back to Google API Manager and navigate to Overview. Click on Analytics API link.

The following settings will appear:

Click Enable button, and your project will be ready to use.

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Google Analytics WD
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