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WordPress Google Analytics WD

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The group of settings under Advanced tab provides options to enlarge the basis of your reports, select user permissions and more:

Enable hover tooltips. Turn this option on to display help texts for Google Analytics WD options.

Enable AdSense link tracking. You can include your Google AdSense reports to Google Analytics WD reports page by turning this option on.

Enable reports on posts/pages (frontend and backend). Adds buttons to pages/posts list and site frontend, as well as under page/post metabox in editor. Clicking one will open a popup window containing comprehensive statistics of that specific page or post.

Exclude non-interaction events from bounce-rate calculation. If this setting is turned on, non-interaction events will be filtered when calculating bounce-rate. Watching a video, for example, is a non-interaction event, whereas posting a comment is interactive.

You can find out more about non-interaction events here.

Enable Cross Domain Tracking. You can let Google Analytics track similar activities on two related websites as a single session by turning Cross Domain Tracking on. Further information about Cross Domain tracking can be found within this link.

Provide Cross Domains separated by commas, making sure to use the following format: http://example.com, http://yourdomain.com

Google Analytics tracks loading speed of your website to build a report based on site speed. Instead of evaluating all user activity for this purpose, it looks up among certain percentage of visiting users. You can determine this percentage with Site Speed SR (%) option.

User Permissions

You can choose the user groups, which have full access to Google Analytics WD plugin from WordPress administrative panel. Mark the necessary user types from Show plugin in backend for users setting.

Dashboard overview permissions allows to select all user roles, which will have access to view Google Analytics report on WordPress Dashboard.

Frontend report permissions allows you to permit displaying frontend reports of Google Analytics tracking to selected users.

Use Default Date option to have an initial value for date range on Reports page, Overview, as well as page, post and frontend statistics popups. It can be changed later with Date Range option.

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