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Step by step guide

Export and Email

You can export current report to CSV and PDF formats. Hover on Export button and click one of the options to download your report.

Moreover, the same report can be sent to one or more recipients which you specify. The mails can be sent one time, as well as periodically. Click the Email button to start the setup. A popup window will appear with the following options:

From. This is the email address, from which the report will be sent. It is the address you defined for your Administrator account, and it can be changed from WordPress Settings > General > Email Address option.

To. Determine the recipients of the report email by providing their email addresses separated by commas.

Subject. Write a subject for the email. It is set to the report title by default, but you can modify it and have a customized title.

Attachment. Pick the type of the attachment for your report. It can be sent as a CSV or a PDF file.

Frequency. Set the frequency for sending out report emails. The following options are available:

  • Once. The report is sent only one time.
  • Daily. The email is sent each day.
  • Weekly. Chose this option to send the report every week. Make sure to set the day of the week, when the email will be sent.
  • Monthly. Set the reports to be sent every month. Select the day of the month, when the email will be sent.

Additional Message. You can add any e-mail content to go along with your Google Analytics report.

The scheduled e-mails can be deleted from Settings > Emails page of Google Analytics WD plugin.

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