Facebook Integration Add-on

Description of Facebook Integration Add-on of Photo Gallery plugin.

Do you have a Facebook page and want to display photo and video content from your Facebook page on your website? Do that instantly with the Photo Gallery Facebook Integration Add-on. Make your gallery more powerful with the Facebook add-on now!

Attention: Facebook Integration Add-On requires Photo Gallery Premium version 2.2.59 and higher: if you are using an older version, please update your plugin.

General Description

Photo Gallery Facebook is an add-on, which helps to display Facebook photos and videos within Photo Gallery Premium plugin without additional efforts. You can create Facebook type galleries which will display album images of Facebook profile/pages , as well as include Facebook profile/page albums within mixed type PG galleries.

The add-on also changes embedding capabilities of the PG plugin; you would be able to embed individual Facebook page/profile videos and photos in addition to existing YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram,Flickr or Dailymotion options of Photo Gallery Premium plugin.

The Facebook page albums should have public access (Facebook public privacy status), whereas for the personal Facebook profile albums it is not required. The same rule also applies to embedding individual images and videos.

Note: Due to Facebook privacy, you can only use albums/image/videos from your personal profile. Even if the album/image/video of another user is public, you cannot display them using the add-on. The privacy rule doesn’t apply to Facebook public pages.

The add-on supports integration with Facebook profiles and pages. There is no support for Facebook groups.

Settings/Social Options

In order to activate the add-on to work, you should create a Facebook application in Facebook Developers website and gain Facebook App ID and Secret Keys. Then you should connect created application with the website if you plan to use multimedia from your profile.

Getting FB App ID and App Secret Key

Go to the Facebook Developers Apps (https://developers.facebook.com/apps) page, and sign in with your Facebook username and password. If you are new to Facebook Developers, you will see a Register a Developer Account button. Follow the steps to create a free developer account on Facebook.

Click the register button. Clicking the Continue button implies that you agree to the Facebook Platform Policies. After signing in, click on the Create New App button.

Specify a name for the application in the App Name field. It is recommended to use your site name. Leave the remaining fields blank.

Within the Select how your app integrates with Facebook section click on Website This section will expand to show a Site URL field.

Enter your site URL in the Site URL field (e.g. http://www.example.com ). Click on Save Changes button.

You will be redirected to your account page, where both the App ID and App Secret Key will be visible.

Afterwards, go to Photo Gallery plugin > Options > Social Options. Here fill in the gained App ID and App Secret Key. Press Save button. If you are planning to embed personal Facebook profile multimedia, press Facebook login/logout link to connect the application with your profile. This is not required while adding images from public pages.

On the left menu select Photo Gallery > Add Galleries/Images > Add new. We will use this option to create Facebook-only gallery.

Name. Provide a name for the gallery.

Slug. Set the URL slug which will be used while reaching the Instagram gallery.

Gallery Content Type. Select Facebook type.

Facebook Album URL. Provide the Facebook album URL either of the application-related Facebook profile or a public Facebook page.

Images Limit. Specify the number of images (image posts ) you want to display when embedding the Facebook gallery. The number of displayed images can be extended when new photos are added to the Facebook album.

Gallery autoupdate option. Choose whether to autoupdate the embedded gallery when new images are added to the Facebook album or not.

Add Facebook Gallery. Then press the button for finalizing the process.

Description. Here you can fill out a description of the gallery for the easier search in the backend.

Author Published. Automatically indicates the username of the user, who has published the gallery.

Add Preview image. Choose the image to be displayed as a preview image (image thumbnail displayed when the gallery shortcode is inserted in a page/post ).

Select All. This option allows applying bulk actions to all of the images included in the Instagram gallery.

Show order column. For reordering images you can either Drag and Drop images a ( moving the pointed cross symbol on the left of the images) or set the ordering preferences manually entering numbers next to the images and videos. To enable the option you should press show order column. This option is more useful when you have multiple pages of images and it is not convenient to use drag and drop.

Alt/Title. Provide a title for each image. By default the images receive title from Facebook, but it can be further edited.

Description. You can additionally have a description for images or keep default description inherited from Facebook.

Tags. Each image can have tags from the list of created tags or add a new one.

Published. Choose whether to publish or unpublish uploaded images.

Delete. Check images you want to remove from the album and press the button.

Publish. Check images you want to publish and press the button.

Unpublish. Check images you want to temporarily unpublish and press the button.

Embedding Facebook Media

As an alternative to creating separate Facebook galleries, there is also an option of embedding:

  • Embedding individual Facebook images and videos

Go to existing gallery and pres Embed Media button. When adding images use the following URL example: https://www.facebook.com/examplepage/photos/a.447173452000073.123453.436551809728904/904780776239336/?type=1&theater For the videos, use the following URL: https://www.facebook.com/WordPress/videos/vb.6427302910/313954715398/?type=2&theater Note that image/video must have public access (Facebook public privacy status)

  • Embedding Facebook albums into Mixed galleries

To add Facebook albums to mixed type galleries, go to the gallery page and press Bulk Embed button. After that select Facebook, provide the Facebook album URL- either of the application-related Facebook personal profile or a public page. Specify the number of images (image posts ) you want to display when embedding the Facebook gallery. The number of displayed images can be extended when new photos are added to the Facebook album.