Photo Gallery Ecommerce Add-on

Description of Photo Gallery Ecommerce Add-on.

Photo Gallery Ecommerce Add-on is an ultimate solution if you want to display your digital content and sell it directly from your website. Get the individual add-on or Photo Gallery + E-Commerce add-on bundle.

Attention: Ecommerce Add-On requires Photo Gallery Premium version 2.2.86 and higher: if you are using an older version, please update your plugin.

Photo Gallery Ecommerce is designed to combine both functionalities as a light and easy-to-setup add-on. This nice tool should be highly appreciated by graphic designers, photographers, photo agencies, who want to sell their products.

Digital Downloads

Easily sell any photo content․ Set up different dimensions of your photos and let your user choose among the options. Each dimension might have its own price option or those can be available for download free of charge.

Product Catalog

Create products/prints with their individual parameters, such as color, size, type and etc. Apply different pricing options for each case.

PayPal Integration

Sell images and products by redirecting users to PayPal website. Avoid the need to save user sensitive data on your website using offered PayPal Express Checkout method. Since the checkout process does not take place on your site, an SSL certificate is not required. PayPal accepts various currencies and payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal credit/debit cards.

Stripe Integration

Secure your payments with Stripe Integration allowing users to remain on your website and send information directly to Stripe. To be able to accept the payment your business should be based in Australia, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom or United States. An SSL certificate is required when using this payment method, since transaction process takes place within the website. Still the provided data (e.g. credit card information) will not be stored within the site, but rather on Stripe servers.

Offline Payment Method

Use this payment method if you want your clients to pay when they receive the product.

Unlimited Number of Pricelists

Create unlimited number of pricelists. Each pricelist can be applied to group of images within the gallery or individual image. Each image can have only one pricelist. In case of digital downloads pricelist might include different prices based on image dimensions. For products you can specify price changes depending on product parameters.

Guest Checkout

Allow website guests to purchase products and images without registration.

Taxes and Shipping

Apply taxes and shipping for products/prints and digital downloads. You can set up percentage (taxes and shipping) or fixed (shipping) amounts.

Email Options

You can use e-mail templates for your customers and administrators. You can set up email options for all cases- order notification, order details, failed orders and modify email body (using placeholders), subject, recipients, etc.

Licensing Pages

Create custom pages/choose standard page for displaying licensing terms for digital downloads. This information will be displayed while purchase is made.

Orders Menu

View the list of orders with detailed information about purchases items, pricelists, users, purchase date, payment status and price. Here you can manage order status and resend emails to your customers about the purchased items.

Detailed Reports

View detailed reports about the sales for specific time period (monthly, weekly, custom period) for all or specific products/images. Enjoy the rest of amazing functionality offered by Photo Gallery.