Applying Bulk Actions to Gallery Images

To save your time and allow modifying multiple images at the same time, Photo Gallery plugin provides its Bulk Actions. It allows you to Select All Images, apply these actions to them, and search among the photos added to that particular gallery. These settings can be found at the top of gallery images.

The plugin lets you make the following changes with Bulk Actions drop-down menu:

  • Resize images,
  • Recreate thumbnails,
  • Rotate left or right,
  • Set watermark,
  • Reset images,
  • Edit info,
  • Add tag,
  • Publish, Unpublish and Delete images.

To apply one of these actions to your gallery images, select a few items (or all, using Select All Images checkbox), then choose an action from Bulk Actions option. Afterwards, click on Apply button.

Resizing Images

To resize an image, select Resize option and click Apply. A popup box will appear with the necessary tools. You are able to set new dimensions for the selected images using Resize images to option. It indicates the maximum dimensions of the resized images.

After defining new width and height, press Resize button, or hit Cancel to exit the toolbox.

Recreating thumbnails

This option recreates the thumbnails of selected images. It is handy, in case you modify Generated Thumbnail Dimensions and would like to change the thumbnails of gallery images accordingly. Otherwise, the new thumbnail dimensions will apply to images which are uploaded afterwards.

To recreate thumbnails of existing images in your gallery, simply choose this option from Bulk Actions, then press Apply. The plugin will modify the image thumbnails and reload the page.

Rotating Images

Photo Gallery plugin allows you to rotate the images in gallery to left and right. To do this, you just need to select the photos you wish to change, choose Rotate Left or Rotate Right options from Bulk Actions, then press Apply.

Setting Watermark to Images

Using Photo Gallery plugin, you can add text or image as watermark to your images. To implement this, you first need to configure Watermark Settings in Photo Gallery Options.

As soon as this is done, open your gallery and select the images you would like to add watermark to. Choose Set Watermark option from Bulk Actions drop-down box, then click Apply.

Note: The watermark on images is only visible in galleries published on the website front-end.

Resetting Images

After modifying images in your galleries, such as setting watermark or rotating, you might need to bring them back to their original condition. To help accomplish this, Photo Gallery plugin allows you to reset images.

Simply select the photos you would like to reset, choose Reset option from Bulk Actions, then click Apply.

Editing Image Info

Photo Gallery plugin allows you to have title and description for each image. With Edit Info option of Bulk Actions, you can add or modify information on multiple images. Select the photos you wish to change, then choose Edit Info.

After pressing Apply button, a popup box will appear, allowing you to add the following details:

  • Alt/Title,
  • Description.

Provide the information for the selected images, then click Update.

Adding tags to images

To add tags to the photos in your gallery, you need to create them on Photo Gallery Tags page. Once they are created, you can add multiple tags to multiple images using Add Tag option in Bulk Actions.

Choose the images you would like to add tags to, select this option and hit Apply to open its popup toolbox. Using this box, you are able to select single or multiple tags to add to images by clicking on Add to image button.

In case you have created many entries, Photo Gallery lets you search among the tags.

Publishing, Unpublishing and Deleting Images

To publish, unpublish or delete multiple images on a gallery, you just need to select the items first, then choose the corresponding action from Bulk Actions and press Apply.

Click on Publish or Update to save the changes you made in your gallery.