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Step by step guide

Step 6.3: Creating Mosaic View Theme with Photo Gallery Plugin.

6.3: Mosaic View Theme of Photo Gallery
6.3.1 Name. Provide a name for the theme.
6.3.2 Padding. Set a padding for the mosaic view option.
6.3.3 Border width. Set the border width in pixels for the mosaic view.
6.3.4 Border style. Using the drop-down list choose the border style view.
6.3.5 Border color. Select a color for the mosaic view border.     
6.3.6 Border radius. Set a radius for the mosaic view border.
6.3.7 Transparency. Set a transparency level for the mosaic view thumbnails.
6.3.8 Background color. Set a background color for the mosaic view.   
6.3.9 Background transparency. Set a background transparency for the mosaic view.
6.3.10 Alignment. Set the alignment for the mosaic in relation to the content area.
6.3.11 Hover effect. Set a hover effect which will be applied to the images when hovering on them.
6.3.12 Hover effect value. Using CSS type values set the hover effects.
6.3.13 Title font size. Set the font size for the mosaic view image titles.         
6.3.14 Title font color. Select the font color for the mosaic view image titles. 
6.3.15 Title font family . Select the font family for the image titles in mosaic view.
6.3.16 Title font weight. Choose the font weight for the image titles in mosaic view.
6.3.17 Title box shadow. Using CSS type values set the box shadow for the mosaic view title.
6.3.18 Title margin. Set the mosaic view title margin using CSS type values.

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