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Photo Gallery

Step by step guide

Step 5.6: Editing Slideshow Options of Photo Gallery Plugin.

5.6 Slideshow Options of Photo Gallery
5.6.1 Slideshow effect. Select the slideshow effect to be applied to the galleries.
5.6.2 Interval. Provide the time interval between the slideshow images in seconds.
5.6.3 Slideshow dimensions. Define the width and height of the slideshow.
5.6.4 Enable autoplay. Choose either to have the slideshow auto played or allow the users to change the images with a click.
5.6.5 Enable shuffle. Choose whether to have the images randomized in the slideshow or not.
5.6.6 Enable control buttons. Choose whether to display control buttons with image slideshow views or not.
5.6.7 Enable slideshow filmstrip. Choose whether to include the filmstrip of images in the slideshow or not.
5.6.8 Slideshow filmstrip height. Define the height for the filmstrip for the slideshow.
5.6.9 Enable image title. Choose whether to display the titles for the slideshow images or not.
5.6.10 Title position. Select the positioning for the image title from the provided options.
5.6.11 Enable image description. Choose whether to have an image description or not.
5.6.12 Description position. Select the positioning for the image description from the provided options.
5.6.13 Enable slideshow music. Choose whether to have an audio track for the slideshow view or not.
5.6.14 Music URL. Provide the URL of the track which will be played alongside the slideshow.

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