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Photo Gallery

Step by step guide

Step 5.1: Editing Global Options of Photo Gallery Plugin.

5.1 Global Options of Photo Gallery.
5.1.1 Images directory. Provide an image directory location which will host the uploaded images.
5.1.2 Image Dimensions. Provide the maximum acceptable dimensions for the image, which can be uploaded to the gallery.
5.1.3 Right-click protection. Choose whether to enable the right-click protection for the images or not.
5.1.4 Show Search box. Choose whether to display a search box for the image search in galleries or not.
5.1.5 Search box width. Set the width for the search box.
5.1.6 Show “Order by” dropdown list. Choose whether to display a dropdown list allowing the user to change the ordering option of the displayed images or not.
5.1.7 Show tag box. Choose whether to display a search box for tags used with galleries or not next to the gallery.. When searching for the tag the images using that tag will be displayed.
5.1.8 Preload images. Choose whether to have a preload for specific number of images first or have them all loaded and only then displayed in the slideshow.
5.1.9 Count of images. Specify the number of images which will be loaded before opening the slideshow. The rest of the images will be loaded during the processing of the slideshow.
5.1.10 Import from Media Library. Choose whether to allow adding images from Media Library of WordPress or not.
5.1.11 Enable href attribute. Enable the option for including images in sitemaps and searches.
5.1.12 Meta auto-fill. Enable the option for generation of automatic metadata for the images based on camera-included data.

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