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Step 5.10: Editing Carousel Options of Photo Gallery Plugin.

5.10 Carousel Options of Photo Gallery

5.10.1 Time interval. Set the timing which will be used for image carousel roll.
5.10.2 Max. number of images. Limit the amount of image visible for the carousel view.
5.10.3 Carousel image ratio. Define the proportions between the main image and images preceding and following the main image in the carousel roll.
5.10.4 Image dimensions. Set the dimensions for the centered image of the carousel roll.
5.10.5 Fixed width. Define the maximum width of the carousel display.
5.10.6 Enable image title. Choose whether to display the image title over the main image or not.
5.10.7 Enable autoplay. Choose whether to enable the autoplay of the carousel roll or not.
5.10.8 Container fit. If you activate the option the distance between the images will be identical so that the images fill the container, otherwise the distance between the images will depend on the ratio.
5.10.9 Next/Previous buttons. Choose whether to include navigation buttons for the roll or not.
5.10.10 Play/Pause button. Choose whether to display play/pause buttons over the carousel roll or not.

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