Creating Gallery Groups

Photo Gallery plugin lets you include your galleries into gallery groups and showcase them together with different layouts. These groups can contain both galleries and child gallery groups.

After creating a few galleries, you can start creating your first group of galleries. Navigate to Photo Gallery > Gallery Groups page to do so. This page contains the list of existing gallery groups, and its tools allow you to:

  • edit,
  • unpublish,
  • duplicate,
  • delete,
  • and preview

the entries. The plugin lets you apply these functions both on a single gallery group, or multiple, using Bulk Actions.

To begin creating a gallery group, click on Add New button and provide a Gallery Group Title. Let’s add galleries to this group, and then we will discuss Gallery Group Options.

Press Add button from Galleries and Gallery Groups section of this page. A popup will appear which includes all galleries and gallery groups you have created. In case you have many entries, you can Search among them to browse necessary galleries or gallery groups.

Mark the items you wish to add, then click Add to Gallery Group button. The selected entries will appear under Galleries and Gallery Groups section of this page.

Gallery Groups have a few easy-to-use settings, which let you customize your gallery groups. These options are separated into three main sections, Basic, Advanced and How to Use. Click on the bars which correspond to these settings to expand them.


This section provides the following two options:

  • Preview Image, which allows you to add a photo to display as the cover image of the gallery group. This image is shown when the entry is published in a parent gallery group.
  • Published, which lets you publish or unpublish your gallery group from this section.


Advanced Options of gallery groups allow you to configure these settings:\

  • Author, that lets you check which WordPress user has created the gallery group,
  • Slug, which allows you to set a custom slug and use it in the custom post URL of the gallery group.
  • Description, which lets you provide a brief description for your gallery group.

How to Use

This section is added to the gallery group as soon as you press Publish. It is a quick and easy guide that helps you place your gallery group on:

  • a WordPress page or post,
  • into a custom PHP template,
  • and as a widget.

Make sure to press Publish or Update after you finish building your gallery group.