Creating and Applying Image Tags

Photo Gallery plugin lets you group the images on your galleries by adding tags on them. This feature allows website visitors to view all images of the same tag on a separate page, regardless of the photos belonging to different galleries.

Begin creating a few tags, using Photo Gallery > Tags page from WordPress administrative panel of your website. You simply need to provide a Name, Slug and Description for your tag, then press Add New Tag button.

The created tags appear on the right side of this page. You can:

  • edit them by clicking on Edit or Quick Edit links,
  • Delete them,
  • and View the images belonging to each tag.

These tools appear as you hover over an entry among Photo Gallery tags.

To add tags to the images in your galleries, navigate to Photo Gallery > Add Galleries/Images page. Add or edit the gallery you wish to modify. You can:

Make sure to save the gallery by clicking on Publish or Update buttons.