Creating Galleries

To start creating your first responsive gallery, open WordPress administrative dashboard of your website, then navigate to Add Galleries/Images page of Photo Gallery plugin. This section contains a list of the created galleries, allows you to search among them, as well as apply a few actions, such as:

  • publish,
  • unpublish,
  • delete,
  • preview.

Press Add New button from this page to begin building a gallery. Provide Gallery title and let’s upload a few photos.

Click on Add Images button to open Photo Gallery File Uploader (a comprehensive description of its features is provided in this section). As you press Upload files, the following two options for adding images are provided:

  • dragging photos from your computer and dropping them to the dotted area,
  • clicking Choose Files button and browsing images from your PC.

The upload process will begin instantly, and when it’s finished, select the images by clicking on them while Shift or Control keys are pressed. Afterwards, click on Add selected images to gallery button, and your photos will appear in the image list of your gallery.

Now let’s configure the settings of the gallery.


Click on Basic bar to expand the toolbox of basic settings. Here you will find two options:

  • Preview image. This option lets you select a cover image for the gallery to display when it is published in a gallery group. If you leave this blank, the first image of the gallery will be used as its preview image.
  • Published. You can use this setting to publish or unpublish your photo gallery. Note, that this will not make the gallery visible to users, unless you add it to a page, post or a widget area.


Expand Advanced settings to begin configuring a few more options:

  • Author. This setting allows you to check which WordPress user has created the gallery,
  • Slug. Set a custom slug which will be used in the URL of the gallery custom post, and thus benefit your website SEO.
  • Description. Use this text editor box to provide a brief description for your image gallery.
  • Gallery content type. Select the type of the content your gallery is going to have. The following three options are available:
    • Mixed: these galleries can contain self-hosted images, Facebook or Instagram photos, YouTube/Vimeo videos, and other media embeds.
    • Instagram only: selecting this option restricts the content of the gallery, letting you add Instagram images only.
    • Facebook: just like Instagram-only galleries, you can use Facebook images only by choosing this option. Note, that Facebook Integration add-on is required for this.

How to Use

This section is added to the gallery editor page after you press Publish for the first time. Expand it to find a quick guide which assists you in publishing your gallery with the following methods:

  • on a WordPress page or post,
  • into a custom PHP template,
  • and as a widget.

As you finish uploading images and configuring settings, press Publish to save your gallery.