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Email Options

Here you can setup basic checkout options.

Allow guest checkout. Choose whether to allow not logged-in users (guests) to check out products/prints and digital downloads.
Enable shipping. You can enable shipping for products/prints.
Show digital download in orders. For each digital download the user will receive a link.You can include this link within Orders page.
Digital download link expiry days for guests. Based on your preference you can choose to give access download link only for a certain period of time. Here fill the quantity of days.
Quantity option for digital items. You can enable quantity parameter for digital items. This option should be enabled to have more than one item for sale.
Show shipping/billing fields. In case of products/prints users might have separate billing and shipping addresses, thus enabling this field users can fill in two different addresses.

Below this line you will find settings for Payment Options and details. You can enable and fill in details for PayPal and Stripe Integration, as well activate offline payment method. For each item can be offer more than one payment option.

Without Online Payment

This payment can be used whenever you want the user to pay for the item upon delivery. You can activate it Publishing the option.

PayPal Express Checkout

PayPal Express Checkout payment method will redirect your users to PayPal website, where they can fill in their PayPal details to purchase the item. PayPal also allows the users to make a payment without an account using credit/debit cards.

Checkout Mode. Select PayPal mode Sandbox for testing and Production for live mode.

API Options. PayPal API Credentials is a set of three fields required to connect Photo Gallery Ecommerce with your PayPal Account. To obtain your PayPal API Credentials follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your PayPal account (note that it should be a merchant account - PayPal Premier or a PayPal Business account holder- in order to be able to get API Credentials).
  2. Go to My Account>Profile>My Selling Tools.
  3. Find API Access with the following description Manage API credentials to integrate my PayPal account with my online store or shopping cart. Press Update button.
  4. You will be redirected to API Access page. Here you will have two options to request API Access. Choose Option 2- Request API credentials to create your own API username and password. Press Request API Credentials button.
  5. Here choose Request API Signature button and press Agree and Submit button.
  6. PayPal will generate the API Username, Password and Signature for your account.

Copy provided data and paste to corresponding fields in Paypal Express Checkout> API Options.


Secure your payments with Stripe Integration allowing users to remain on your website and send information directly to Stripe. To be able to accept the payment your business should be based in Australia, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom or United States, whereas your users might be coming from any country. An SSL certificate is required when using this payment method, since transaction process takes place within the website. It will reduce the risks of being attacked by hackers, plus your users will feel more comfortable sharing their information on pages starting with https:// instead of http://. Still the provided data (e.g. credit card information) will not be stored within the site, but rather on Stripe servers.

API Options

In API options tab you can select the checkout mode- test or live. Then you should provide the secret and publishable keys. You can fill in test and/or live mode keys. More details on how to find the API keys can be found here.

General Options

4 fields are required for Stripe payment to proceed, the rest of the fields can be displayed and optionally made required. This data will be stored in order details.

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