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Adding Pricelist

Pricelists are grouped price options for items. By creating each pricelist you can apply it to single or multiple items. Note that in case of digital downloads you can include price variations based on image dimensions. When creating a pricelist you will have the option to set its longest dimension and prices for each choice.

Please note that for products/prints prices might vary depending on parameters. Check out Parameter value-based prices for more details.

To add created pricelist to gallery images you should go to Add Galleries/Images section, choose the gallery, here find/select the image/images you want to add the price list and press Add Pricelist button. Here you will see the list of Pricelists and can check one of them. The images included in the same gallery can refer to different pricelists.

Title. Name the pricelist to distinguish it among the list of price lists.
Tax Rate. Determine the tax percentage which will be added to original price.
Sections. Enable sections you want to apply the pricelist- products/prints and digital downloads. When both options are activated you should navigate between Products and Downloads tabs to fill in details for each case.

For Products

Products will be sold accompanied with Photo Gallery image. Products/prints need detailed representation including title, description and parameters so that user will get overall idea about the product.

Name. Provide products/prints title. Make sure it clearly states what item is being sold.
Description. Provide description for the products/prints.
Price. Set a fixed price for the item.
Shipping rate. You can fill in fixed rate for shipping.
Add parameters. Using the button you should add one of already created parameters (Please see parameters section for more details). Still you can add/remove values to already created parameter using Add/Remove buttons.
Parameter value-based prices (Select, Radio and Checkbox only). Based on parameter the prices of the products/prints might vary. Please fill in the difference using the table, e.g. if color is red + 2= when red item is selected the price will be $2 more expensive than the original price.

After filling out options press Save/Apply button.

For Digital Downloads

Display license. Choose whether to include license terms link during checkout or not.
Select License page. Choose the page, which will be used for displaying licensing or terms and conditions.
Product details. Within the box fill in item title, item price and longest dimension options, e.g. Small size-($)15-800 (px). You can add more options pressing Add item button,e.g. for having more sizes- Medium, Large with corresponding pricing and dimensions.

After filling out options press Save/Apply button.

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