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Description of Theme Options in WordPress Form Maker plugin


Form Maker plugin comes with 14 customizable themes, which you can use to design your forms. Each theme provides a set of user-friendly options to change font size, alignment of the form, colors, modify paddings and more. You can edit the existing themes, or create your own by clicking Add New button.

To set a initial default theme for your forms, press on the star icon next to the theme you would like to use. You can always change the theme by editing your forms.

Note: In case you need the form to have the same design as your website theme, edit your form and select Inherit from theme option as the theme of your form.

Options of Form Maker Themes are divided into the following sections:

  • Global Parameters
  • Header
  • Content
  • Inputbox
  • Choices (Multiple and Single)
  • General Buttons
  • Pagination
  • Buttons
  • Close (Minimize) Button
  • Minimize Text
  • Other
  • Custom CSS

You can preview the design of each theme under Preview block. In case you created forms with multiple pages, you can change its Pagination Type, setting it to Step, Percentage or None.

Custom CSS option Form Maker Themes lets you write additional CSS code and customize your forms further. All CSS rules apply to this editor. Make sure to press Save after modifying the theme.

Form Maker Themes


Options page of Form Maker plugin consists of settings which apply to all forms. For instance, in order to use a map on your form, you need to provide Google Maps API keys to Form Maker > Options page. Let’s discuss each setting separately.


To configure ReCaptcha Public and Private Keys, click on Get ReCaptcha button. You will be redirected to ReCaptcha website. Press Get ReCaptcha button here to register your website.

Afterwards, you will be provided with Public and Private Keys. Copy them to Form Maker > Options page and save the settings.

Google Maps

Press Get map API key button to navigate to Google APIs and Services website. Afterwards, go to Library tab and click on Google Maps JavaScript API link. Press Enable from the top, if it is disabled.

Then navigate to Credentials section and press Create Credentials button. Choose API key, and you will be provided with a key to place on Form Maker > Options page. Make sure this key does not have restrictions.


CSV Delimiter option sets the symbol, which will be used to separate the values in CSV file.

And Enable Advanced Layout setting is used to enable access to form layout. If you wish to build your form with HTML, instead of using Form Maker’s user-friendly interface, you can use Advanced Layout. It can be accessed from the form editor.

However, we do not recommend creating forms through Advanced Layout.

Form Maker Options

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