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Instructions to publish form submissions and add forms as widgets in WordPress Form Maker plugin

Publishing Form as a Widget

You can publish your form not only using Display Options of Form Maker plugin, but also as a widget. Go to Appearance > Widgets page to place your form on any widget area of your website theme.

Search for Form Maker widget and drag it to the widget area where you wish to place your form. Specify a Title for the widget and choose the form you wish to publish. Press Save after making these changes.

Publishing Form as a Widget

Publishing Submissions

Another fantastic functionality of Form Maker is its Front-end Submissions feature. It allows you to publish submissions on front-end of your website.

As described in Form Options > General Options section of this guide, the plugin lets you select user roles which will be able to view the published submissions. Also, in the same section, you are able to choose fields to hide from front-end submissions.

Let’s discuss how the submissions are published. Firstly, add/edit the page or post, where you wish to publish the submissions of form. Then press Add Submission button from the top of the post editor.

Publishing Submissions

Select a Form. Use this drop-down to choose the form, submissions of which you would like to publish.

Select Date Range. You can display submissions from a specific date range. Use this option to select From and To dates.

Select fields. Use this option to choose which columns to show on the form. Uncheck the options, which you need to hide on front-end submissions.

Export to / Show. These two settings are responsible for showing the rest of the attributes of front-end submissions. You can enable/disable CSV/XML export buttons, Statistics, Views, Conversion Rate and other additional information.

After configuring all necessary options, press Insert. Publish your page with submissions, and you will be able to view them on front-end.

Publishing Submissions

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