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Payment Options

Description of Payment Options in WordPress Form Maker plugin

You can let users to make payments through your Form Maker form. Default payment gateway of Form Maker is PayPal. Select PayPal as Payment Method from Form Options > Payment Options tab and configure corresponding options. Also, you can easily integrate the plugin with Stripe using its Stripe Integration add-on.

Note: In order to have a functional payment form, first and foremost, you need to have Payment Fields added to it.

Payment Currency. Choose the currency to be used for the payments made through your form. Note, that the selected currency symbol will only display on the front-end of the published form.

Tax (%). Specify the percentage of the tax. It will be calculated from the total payment amount of your form, and will be added to the grand total.

Checkout Mode. Select the checkout mode for your form. Testmode will display PayPal Sandbox after submission, which allows you to run payment tests. When you are ready to receive payments, enable Production mode.

Paypal email. Provide the email address of a valid PayPal account. This account will be used as the recipient of payments through your form.

Payment Options

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