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General Options

Description of General Options in WordPress Form Maker plugin

Form Maker provides a list of settings, which let you configure each form individually. You can set up autoresponder emails, “Thank you” messages, specify actions after form submission and more. Press Form Options button from your form editor page to open these settings.

Form Options page is divided into separate tabs for each set of options. When you make changes and press Update, modifications on all tabs will be saved at once. We will discuss each tab and its options individually in the next few subsections of this user guide.

Form Options

General Options

General Options tab of Form Maker refers to its global settings. You can choose to publish or unpublish the form, save the submitted information to your website and more. Let’s go through all settings below.

General Options

Published. Enable this option, so the form will be visible on the site front-end when you publish it with one of Form Maker’s Display Options.

Save data (to database). The information submitted through a Form Maker form is saved to [db_prefix]_formmaker_submits database table of your website. This setting allows you enable or disable database saving.

Theme. The appearance of your forms is controlled by the theme you select with this option. Press Edit button to open and modify your form theme.

Required fields mark. Use this option to change the mark for required fields of your form. Asterisk ( * ) is set as this symbol by default.

Save Uploads. If this setting is enabled, files which are uploaded through your form will be saved on your the file system of your site.

Allow User to see submissions. Mark all user roles which will be able to view front-end submissions, when you publish them on a post or page.

Fields to hide in frontend submissions. Select fields of the form and Stats Fields which will not to be displayed within front-end submissions, when you publish them.

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