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Email Options

Description of Email Options in WordPress Form Maker plugin

Form Maker plugin lets you send submitted information to one or multiple email addresses. Furthermore, you can also send a confirmation email to the submitter and let them know you have received their application.

Enable Send E-mail from Form Options > Email Options tab and start configuring mailing settings. Most options require the same configuration for Email to Administrator and Email to User. However, there are a few settings which are unique.

Email Options

Email to Administrator

This section of Email Options allows you to set up notifications of form submissions for website owners. You can add multiple recipients, as well as CC or BCC addresses.

Email to send submissions to. Specify all email addresses, to which submitted form information will be sent. Multiple addresses can be added easily. Write one email address at a time, then press the small Plus (+) button to add the next.

Email Empty Fields. Disable this setting, in case you do not want to include form fields, which are left empty by the submitter. These fields will simply be skipped in the emails with submission information.

Email to User

Send to. Use this setting to select the email field of your form, to which the submissions will be sent.

Important! In case you do not have an email input created from User Info Fields > Email type, the following error message will appear:

“There is no email field”.

Email Verification. Activate this option, in case you would like the users to verify their email addresses. If it’s enabled, the user email will contain a verification link. Clicking on this link set the user email address as verified.

Verification link expires in. Use this option to specify a time period (hours), during which the user will be able to verify their email address.

Edit Post. Click this link to edit the content of Email Verification post. This is is the page, where users will be redirected after they click on the verification link in user email.

Global Email Settings

The rest of the settings in Email Options apply to both Email to Administrator and Email to User. Let’s discuss them one by one below.

Subject. You can add a custom title to be used as the subject for the email. In addition, by clicking the Plus (+) button next to the input, you can select a form field, the value of which will be set as the subject.

Custom Text in Email For Administrator / Custom Text in Email For User. Use this editor box to add custom content, images, and basic HTML to the email message which is sent to administrator or user.

You can include All Fields List to forward all submitted information. Alternatively, you are able to use individual field values by clicking on corresponding buttons above the custom text editor.

Email From (Advanced). Specify the email address from which the administrator or submitter will receive the email (sender’s email address). If you have an Email type field in your form, you can use select it and receive the submission email from users’ email addresses.

From Name (Advanced). Set the name which is shown as the sender’s name in submission or confirmation emails. You can select a field value to be displayed as the sender’s name. Press the small Plus (+) button next to the option and select the field, e.g. submitter’s name.

Reply to (if different from “Email From”) (Advanced). Specify an alternative email address, to which the administrator or submitter will be able to reply upon receiving the message.

CC (Advanced). Provide additional email addresses to send the submission or confirmation email to. The receiver will be able to view all the other recipients of the email. You can add multiple CC emails, separating them by commas.

BCC (Advanced). Write additional email addresses to send the submission or confirmation email to. The receiver will not be able to view other recipients of the email. You can add multiple BCC emails, separating them by commas.

Mode (Advanced). Select the layout of the submission email, Text or HTML. HTML mode builds a table containing submitted information, whereas Text displays the message as plain text.

Attach File (Advanced). If you have File Upload fields on your form, enable this setting to attach uploaded files to submission or confirmation email.

Email to administrator and user

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