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Conditional Fields

Description of Conditional Fields settings in WordPress Form Maker plugin

Another fantastic feature of Form Maker plugin is its Conditional Fields. This lets you show or hide fields of your form based on certain selections submitter makes. Go to Form Options of your form, then click Conditional Fields tab to start the setup.

Press Add Condition button to configure the first condition of your form.

Show/Hide select box represents the action which will be completed, if all or any of the condition statements are fulfilled. Use the second drop-down menu to select the field which will be shown or hidden.

Click the little Plus (+) icon to add the statement of your form condition.

For example, let’s assume there is a Single Choice field on your form titled Inquiry type. And you wish to show Message field in case users choose Support Request as the type of their inquiry. The condition you configure needs to have the following logic:

Show [Message] if [all] of the following match: [Inquiry type] is [Support request]

Make sure to hit Update after setting up Conditional Fields.

Conditional Fields

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