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Actions After Submissions

Description of Actions After Submissions settings in WordPress Form Maker plugin

Form Maker plugin allows you to configure different actions which occur after form submission. For instance, you can display a “Thank you” message after users submit the form, or redirect them to another page, or more.

Navigate to Form Options > Actions After Submissions tab, and select one of the options below to set up the action that occurs after users submit your form.

  • Stay on Form. This action will reload the form page and keep the submitter on the same page.
  • Post. Select this option to redirect users to a specific post after they hit Submit. You will then be able to select the post from Post dropdown menu.
  • Page. You can also redirect users to a selected page. Choose this option and specify the destination using Page dropdown menu.
  • Custom text. Use this action in case you wish to display a “Thank you” message after users submit the form. The editor box accepts text, basic HTML, as well as values of form fields. Include them to the content by pressing on the top buttons indicating form fields.
  • URL. Configure redirection to any page with this action after submission. Mark URL option, then provide the absolute path of the link to the input that appears.

Actions After Submission

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