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Description of Registration add-on of Form Maker WordPress plugin

Need to get the users easily register at your website? User Registration Add-On easily integrates with Form maker plugin allowing users to create accounts at your website. Get User Registration Add-On for WordPress form Maker today!

Attention: User Registration Add-On requires Form Maker version 1.7.62/2.7.62 and higher: if you are using an older version, please update your plugin.

General description

The following fields can be retrieved from the user-provided data: username, password, email, first name, last name, role, biographical info and website. From all these fields only Username field is required. With Role option you can automatically assign roles to users or create conditional field and depending on user’s selection assign appropriate role.

Integrating Form Maker With User Registration Section

Create a standard Form Maker form adding the fields you need your registering users to complete. Then go to Form options > Registration and enable registration integration.

Now you are ready to connect form fields with registration fields. You can connect each registration field with one or more form fields or leave it blank. Leaving blank it’ll take no info.

For role field you can select role type for all users or you can create a condition and role type will depend on user’s selections. To create a condition, please select the field, for which you want to set the condition, set value and role type.

Example: If “Country Field” equals to “USA” then set role “Contributor.”

WordPress User Registration

In addition to standard User fields coming with WordPress by default, third-party plugins also add their own user-related fields in WordPress > Users section. Form Maker Registration is capable of adding content to these fields as well. To activate the option go and tick the following checkbox > Show other registration options. The list of custom fields will appear and allow connecting them with form fields.

You can see and edit registered users accounts at Users section of your WordPress dashboard.

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