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Save Form Progress

Description of Save Form Progress of Form Maker WordPress plugin

Need to save partially completed forms? Then this WordPress form builder will come in handy. Save Progress Add-on allows you to save the incomplete forms, return later and pick up right where they left off. Get Save Progress Add-on now to enhance your plugin!

Attention: Save Progress Add-On requires Form Maker version 1.8.9/2.8.9 and higher: if you are using an older version, please update your plugin.

General Description

Do you use large applications and want to allow your users to finalize them later? Using Form Maker Save Progress you can let your users to start filling out the form and getting back to it at their convenience. Save button will be added to standard and Submit buttons, so that user can save the form at any time.

The add-on works only for registered users, including those who have subscriber user level. When logged in they can return to the form page, where they will see pre-filled data. The users will have two options: to continue where they have left off or change submitted data. For the last option they can use Clear button which will completely erase previously saved data.

Partial/Incomplete submissions will be stored in separate Saved Entries section when users press Save button. As a result no data will be lost, even if the form is not submitted at the end.

Save Form Progress

Save Progress Integration

Login to your WordPress site using administrator credentials. Navigate to Form Maker > Manager > Your Form. Hit Form Options button. Find Save Progress tab. Activate the option and fill in further details. Finalize the changes pressing Save button.

Allow users to save progress? Enable this option to allow your users to save filled in data and return for further editing.

Display clear button? If you want your user to be able to delete previously entered data and start filling in the form from scratch enable this option.

Save data for. Specify number of days to keep drafted data in Saved entries. If not submitted, data will be completely erased after provided time period. Leave it to 0, if you don’t want to erase data in general.

Save message. Provide a message, which will be displayed to users when they press Save button after filling the form.

Send email. Choose whether to send email to user when form is submitted or not.

Send to. Choose the email field which will receive an email informing that form entry is saved.

Email text. Provide custom text which will be sent to user when form entry is saved.

Save Form Progress

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