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Pushover Integration

Description of Pushover Integration add-on of Form Maker WordPress plugin

Integrated with the popular push notification service Pushover Add-on of WordPress Form Maker Plugin is the perfect solution if you need to get instant notifications to mobile devices running Android and iOS when a user submits a new form.

Attention: Pushover Integration Add-On requires Form Maker version 1.8.2/2.8.2 and higher: if you are using an older version, please update your plugin.

General Description

Do you want to be instantly notified when new submissions come through your forms? Are you an active smartphone user and prefer to receive notifications on mobile devices?

Form Maker Pushover Integration allows to receive real-time notifications when a user submits a new form. This means messages can be pushed to Android and Apple devices, as well as desktop notification board (if Desktop notifications are enabled).

The content sent with the notification can be fully customized and might contain form field inputs, links and custom text.

Form Maker Pushover can be configured to send messages to certain device or all devices listed in your Pushover account. You can configure Pushover settings, such as sound, message priority type and retry time.

Each form can have its unique notification message and title. This way you can keep track of submissions for each form.

Pushover Integration

Pushover Integration

Login to your WordPress site back end. Go to Form Maker > Forms, choose your form and press Form Options button. Here navigate to Pushover tab and Enable it. Fill in the details below and press Save button.

Pushover Integration

Pushover User Key. If you already have Pushover account, please login to your account. After logging in you will see your user key on the upper right corner. Copy and paste the code. If you are new to Pushover, please create an account on

Device Name. If you have only one device associated with your Pushover account, you don’t need to fill this field. If you have Pushover on more than one device (IOS, Android or Desktop), here you can enter the device names, that you want to get the notifications on. If you leave this field blank, all devices associated with your account will receive notifications. You can find the names of your devices inside your Pushover account.

Title. Form title can be used as notification title or you can provide custom title.

Mode. Notifications can be sent using either Text or HTML modes.

Message. Here you can add any of the existing form field entries and custom text. Please note that notification has the following character limitations: 1024 4-byte UTF-8 characters.

URL. To include links within your text you can use this field. The format of the URL should be or

URL Title. You can provide a title for URL. This will turn the link into a hyperlink. Clicking on Title user will be redirected to provided URL.

Priority. Messages can have various priority depending on your needs. They vary from low priority with no notification sound up to emergency priority with constant notifications until the user is acknowledged about the message. More information can be found here.

Retry Time. This option applies to emergency/high priority messages. It will specify how often (in seconds) the Pushover servers will send the same notification to the user.

Sound to play on device. You can specify the notification sound. It will override the sound set in Settings section of your Pushover account. You can use different sounds for each form to differentiate the notifications for each form.

Pushover Integration

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