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Description of Post Generation add-on of Form Maker WordPress plugin

Do you want to have user-generated content on your site? Do you want to make the process of the user-content-generation structured and easy? Now you can use the Form Maker Post Generation Add-on for creating form-based posts and pages.

Attention: Post Generation Add-On requires Form Maker version 1.7.65/2.7.65 and higher: if you are using an older version, please update your plugin.

General description

Post- Generation add-on allows creating a post, page or custom post based on the submitted data. The form fields can be used for generating the title, the post content, tags, categories and featured images. If necessary the form fields can be accompanied with custom text.

The permission setting allows to choose whether to allow guest-posting or to give that permission only for the logged in users. To avoid spam postings, there is a default option of setting the generated post to draft and publishing it after editor reviewing.

Integrating registration add-on with Form Maker

Go to the Form Options of the created form. Here enable Post Generation option. Fill in the Post Options section and press Save button.

Type. Choose the type of the form-generated content. It can be either a standard page or post or a custom post type.

Title. Fill in the title of the post. Here you can select one of the form fields or provide a custom title.

Categories. Set the categories of the generated post checking the relevant options from the list.

Tags. Fill in tags for the post or add them based on the form fields.

Featured Image. The featured image of the post can be based on the uploaded file (if the form has relevant field type).

Content. The content of the post might contain both custom text, form fields or combination of both.

Status. Set the status of the custom-generated post. You can leave it to draft if you plan to review/revise the content in advance to posting it.

Author. Choose the username, which will be displayed as an author for the generated post by default.

Allow guests to make post. Choose whether to allow the site visitors, which are not logged in, to make form-based posts or not.

Use default author for logged-in users. Choose whether to display the username of the logged in user or to have a single user as an author for the posts.

WordPress Post Generation

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