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Conditional Emails

Description of Conditional Emails add-on of Form Maker WordPress plugin

Conditional Emails Add-on for WordPress Form Builder allows you to send multiple, custom email notifications to different recipients depending on the form submitted. Use conditional logic of the add-on to make your forms more useful and powerful.

Attention: Conditional Emails Add-On requires Form Maker version 1.7.71/2.7.71 and higher: if you are using an older version, please update your plugin.

General information

Do you want to send emails to different recipients depending on the form submitted? Do you use the Form Maker as a contact form for different departments? The Form Maker Conditional Emails is an optimal solution for these cases. Now you can set the form to be emailed to specific email/emails depending on the submitted data.

The add-on works similar to the conditional fields functionality. This means that all you need to choose the value of the field depending on which e-mails will be sent to different recipients e.g.

  • Send email to [email protected] if all of the following match:
  • Why you are contacting 10Web? is Customer Support

In addition to this you can also include custom text with the email. The email content can differ for each email (set).

Conditional Emails

Conditional Emails section in Form Maker

Go to the Forms and choose your form. Navigate to Form Options > Conditional Emails. Here you can find two subsections.

General. Here you should fill in the condition details depending on which the email will be sent to this or that specific email address. See the sample below. The number of the conditions is not limited, so you can add different fields and values and set the conditions.

Conditional Emails

Email Text. In this subsection you can choose the text, which will be emailed to specific administrator/administrator group. It can be identical to the Custom Text to Administrator or Custom Text to User or you can fill in a different text with/without using the form fields.

Conditional Emails

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