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User Info Fields

Description of User Info Fields in WordPress Form Maker plugin

User Info Fields contains all form fields, which you will need to ask information about the submitter. Press the field buttons to configure them and add them to your form.

User Info Fields

Name. This field lets the user write their First and Last Names. Initially, it consists of 2 fields. You can modify Name field using the options below:

  • Enable Field(s) (Advanced Options). Use this setting to activate Title and Middle Name inputs for Name field.
  • Autofill with user name (Advanced Options). Activate this option, in case you would like to autofill Name field with the name of the logged in user, which is viewing the form.

Email. Adds an input to your form with email validation. The value of this field is considered as invalid, if users provide a text which does not have the following format:

[email protected]

Email field has the following unique settings:

  • Confirmation Email (Advanced Options). Mark this option as checked, if you need the submitter to confirm their email address by re-typing it.
  • Autofill with user email (Advanced Options). Enable this setting, in case you wish to autofill Email field with the email address of the logged in user, which is viewing the form.

Phone. Adds an input with phone number validation. This field provides a list of country flags, which users can select and have their country code automatically added.

Address. This field lets you skip a few steps and quickly add one set for the address of the submitter. It consists of the following inputs and select boxes for providing address information:

  • Street Address
  • Street Address Line 2
  • City
  • State/Province/Region
  • Postal/Zip Code
  • Country

Address field can be personalized with the settings below:

  • Overall size(px). You can set the width of Address field using this option.
  • Disable Field(s) (Advanced Options). Use this setting to deactivate elements from the field list mentioned above.
  • Use list for US states (Advanced Options). Turn State/Province/Region field into a list of US states by activating this setting. Note: This only works in case United States is selected for Country select box.

Mark on Map. Users will be able to drag the map pin and drop it on their location. This is a good alternative to Address field. It has the following options:

  • Address. Set the default address for the location pin.
  • Longitude. Once you complete the value of Address option and click outside of its input, longitude of that address will be automatically set.
  • Latitude. Once you complete the value of Address option and click outside of its input, latitude of that address will be automatically set.
  • Marker Info. You can provide additional details with this setting, which will appear when users click on the location pin.

Use Size(px) option to change the dimensions of Mark On Map field.

Country List. This field is a select box which provides a list of all countries in alphabetical order.

Date of Birth. This field provides 3 select boxes, day, month and year. Users can specify their birthday with this field. It has the following settings in Advanced Options:

  • Fields separator. Use this option to specify the divider between day, month and year select boxes. Its default value is slash (/).
  • Day/Month field type. You can choose the type of day and month and set them to be text inputs or select boxes.
  • Day/Month/Year field size(px). Set the width of day, month and year fields using these options.
  • Year interval. Use this setting to define lower and upper limitations on the values of year field.

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