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Payment Fields

Description of Payment Fields in WordPress Form Maker plugin

Pro version of Form Maker plugin comes with built-in PayPal integration. You can configure a payment form quickly and easily by adding Payment Fields to it. Build compact shopping forms, hotel reservation, online application or ticket sales forms with this feature.

Note: You need to set up Form Options > Payment Options of your form in order to receive payments on your account. Follow the steps described on this section to do that.

Payment fields

Price. Users can set a payment amount of their choice with Price field.

  • Range. Assigns minimum and maximum limits on the value of Price field.
  • Readonly. Mark this option as checked, in case you do not want to allow users to edit the value of Price. This is handy, in case you need to write fixed value for the field.
  • Hide payment currency. Activate this setting, in case you want to hide the currency symbol next to Price input.

Payment Select/Payment Single Choice/Payment Multiple Choice. Use these fields to place lists of products, which the submitter can choose to buy through your form. Add or edit list items using Options setting of the fields.

Shipping. This field allows you to configure shipping types and set price for each of them.

Customize Payment Select, Payment Single Choice, Payment Multiple Choice and Shipping fields with the following options:

  • Quantity property (Advanced Options). Enable this option to allow the submitter to choose quantity for items they purchase.
  • Product Properties. You can add custom or built-in properties to your products, such as Color, T-Shirt Size or Print Size. Click the Plus (+) icon to open the toolbox of properties to start the setup.

Similar to Single and Multiple Choice of Basic fields, Payment Single and Payment Multiple have the following settings:

  • Label position. Select the position of the field label, Left or Top.
  • Relative Position. Set the relative position of radio button/checkbox options. They can appear next to each other Vertically or Horizontally.
  • Option Label Position. Choose the label position of checkbox/radio button labels, setting it to Left or Right.

Total. This is a calculation field, which sums up the values of Payment fields. You can add Total to your form to show the summary of the payment before users press Submit.

Stripe. Before adding Stripe field, make sure to select it as the form’s payment method. You can configure Stripe options from Form Options > Payment Options page.

When you add this element, the set of fields activated on Payment Options page will be placed on your form. Note, that these fields are only visible on the published form.

Important! Stripe field and its settings will become active, only in case Stripe Integration add-on is installed and activated on your website.

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